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policy adds photos taken in the shower, lowering the waistband to draw attention to the. Today most software is distributed via app stores, and consequently app content policies are a direct extension of app store content policies, Silverberg wrote. 1/35, participants take part in the 2018 Taipei Gay Pride March in Taipei, Taiwan, AFP/Getty Images 2/35, thousands of people attended the march in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. EPA 28/35 A Japanese couple hold a sign saying 'You Are My Safe Harbour' in Chinese. Simply put, all gay seks contact Bodegraven gay and queer apps must enforce app store content policies or risk being removed from the app stores altogether, and this happened to scruff earlier this year, notes Silverberg. The updated policy also includes a ban on photos that show sexually suggestive embraces. By using Twitters services you agree to our. EPA Silverberg went on to explain that in order to comply with app store guidelines, profile pictures may no longer show jockstraps, underwear, or bikini-style swimswear.

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Such criticism is not unfounded. In the blog post, Silverberg addressed peoples concerns, saying their criticism is not unfounded. Related: Best Online Dating Sites of 2019. This isn't looking so good guys. Had this removal been permanent, it would have been devastating to our company and our community. On November 24, a public vote will be held in Taiwan on same-sex marriage. The statement comes after some users of the app condemned the changes on social media after being greeted with a message about new photo guidelines. AFP/Getty Images 10/35 Participants with Pikachu-styled costumes pose as they gather at the square outside the presidential office for the start of the march.